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My aim is to provide useful, practical and accurate advice. I can assist with technical reports, investigations, consultation and help with suppliers.

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Rank Film Laboratories Staff


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The photo below is of what is thought to be a Humphries Film Labs outing.
  The date is not known and the only person I have a name for is Bob Skipper
 who was Dispatch Manager at the time of the lab closing.  Bob is the sixth
 from the left on the second row from the top.  A more recent picture is below
 the other picture. 
Any information would be appreciated. 

A Tool for Identifying Film Sound Tracks. Sound Film Identification
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Thanks to David E Pelayo for a copy of the Bell and Howell Splicer Price list from September 1939 and also the March 1940 Splicer Operating Instructions. B&H_Splicers.htm
David has also supplied a copy of a November 1918 contract between Goldwyn Pictures and Craftsmen Film Laboratories from his personal collection. Goldwyn_Contract.html

Also details on Academy Leader and Cue Marks from ACVL Handbook  4th Edition.

Data Sheets
I have included a list of film stocks for which I have data sheets.

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Some aspects of the technical side of

Motion Picture Film 1895-2015

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  Film and Video Storage

 If you are interested in film or video storage Terry Mccallum   ( ) offers a storage / archive facility to T.V. &  feature film production companies in all film & tape formats. He is also happy to assist, where possible, with tracing lost films.

Film Processing

The Super8 Reversal Lab offers a processing service for all new and expired small format films. The lab develops double8, doublesuper8, super8, single8 and 16mm films. The Lab carries out custom processing for all sorts of people.  They develop films in co-operation with Film Rescue International, and focus on photo chemical processing only. The digital services that are offered are outsourced.