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How Films Were Made and Shown

by David Cleveland and Brian Pritchard.

453 pages, over 900 illustrations



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A new book that looks at the developments of motion picture film technology from a British perspective from 1895 to 2015.

Kevin Brownlow says: 'the book is not only unputdownable - it's heavy enough to be unpickupable!’

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For film archivists and those interested in the technical side of film, there are chapters on How It Worked; The Film Business Gets Going; The 1920s - Time of Change; A Quest For Colour; The 1930s and 40s; New Film, New Colour, New Sound, New Screens of the 1950s and 60s; The Film Laboratory, and Slow Fade Out covering from the 70s to 2015.



The chapters cover the very first cameras and projectors and how they worked; the development of equipment for both professional and amateur film making; colour and sound; Kodak and other manufacturer’s motion picture film stocks; how film was developed and printed at the laboratory; and cinema, non-theatric and home projection.